The Hrvatsko Zagorje is a cultural-historical region and a separate natural-geographical region located in the immediate vicinity of the capital city, Zagreb. The territory of Zagorje is a mostly hilly region which is rich in thermal springs, but also an exceptionally dense concentration of fortresses, castles and churches. Its tourist appeal is heightened by the well-known Neanderthal site in Krapina and the ethno-village in Kumrovec. The traditional crafting of Zagorje wooden toys, and honey and licitar products (traditional decorated honey biscuits) have been placed on the list of non-material UNESCO goods due to their specificity and value. The Croatian Zagorje is building its unique gastronomic recognisability on the offer of autochthonous, quality and ecologically grown products, whose diversity and richness may be tasted in our carefully devised and arranged ZAGORJE 3D GOURMET menus.